Actinic announces name change to SellerDeck

Sellerdeck Web Design
The new name for Actinic - SellerDeck

Exciting news in the world of ecommerce, Actinic has announced yesterday that it has changed the name of Actinic Desktop to SellerDeck. The Actinic brand name will now be solely associated with the Actinic Online shopping cart (in partnership with Oxatis).
This is a significant change for the company and for its users, but Actinic have said in their community forum

“Our goal remains to create great products and services that help our customers stand out from the crowd. We are committed to our customers and our products for the long haul.”

SellerDeck have also announced some fantastic new features for the upcoming V12 (SellerDeck 2013) release

“A new and revamped search capability and advanced inventory filtering. This will enable your customers to shop by filters you can set such as brand, size and colours.”

On SellerDeck’s community forum, they say that the new release of SellerDeck V12 should be released towards the end of this year.

To be honest, I am really excited about the name change, as previously with Actinic Online and Actinic Desktop sharing the same brand name, it could get rather confusing for new users.

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