More Top Tips On How To Design & Build in SellerDeck

SellerDeck Web Design
SellerDeck Web Design

SellerDeck Web Design

Even more of my tips/tricks on web design in SellerDeck. Some are quite straightforward but important nontheless

  • Design your website before building in SellerDeck.
    I know its quite obvious, but I feel it is really important that you design your website in an image program such as Adobe Fireworks (my fav) or Photoshop, before even thinking of building it in your ecommerce software. By really thinking about your site, how will it work, how will it flow, how will your customers use the website, should hopefully give you a much better and well rounded SellerDeck website.
  • Optimise your site
    I’m sure you already know that your website speed is important, not just for your customers but for search engines as well. I use multiple different tools for testing my websites speeds, such as Google Page Speed, Pingdom to name but a few.
  • Test, Test and Test again
    I can’t emphase enough how important it is to fully test your ecommerce website, not just with all major browsers but also with mobile devices, validation services, search optimisation etc.
  • Style the SellerDeck checkout
    I love the new checkout process in SellerDeck V11, but I do like to to improve the look of the checkout by styling it to match the design of the site, adding important information (delivery information, security info) and a custom checkout progress indicator. I feel that by making these kind of changes can really improve your customers experirence.
  • Add your print stylesheet & print button to receipt page
    I know some people like just to save a copy of their receipt or wait for the email to come in, but I have found that many people still like to print a copy of their receipt, so I always feel it is helpful to the customer to include a print stylesheet and print button on the receipt page of the SellerDeck checkout process.
  • Remember to check the Terms & Conditions Popup Page Background
    This can quite often be forgotten, if you are using a dark background on your website, you will need to change the background of the terms and conditions popup as it will also be using the dark background and the text will not be visible (depends if you are using colour scheme feature)
  • Style your search results
    I think the search results functionality in SellerDeck has the potential to look great, all it takes is taking the effort to style those search results, not just so they look great but also to improve the usability of the site.

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