SellerDeck 2013 Launched!

SellerDeck 2013

SellerDeck (formally Actinic) have launched their new version of the ecommerce software.
This new release promises long awaited functionality that will have most developers/business owners screaming for delight.

The new SellerDeck 2013 features include.

  • Product Filtering
    Product filtering allows browsers to successively refine the displayed list of products using criteria you define. Helping them to match your products with their needs.
  • Dynamic Product Options & Pricing
    When browsers configure products with a range of options and prices, the associated selectors and the final price tag are updated automatically, streamlining the user experience.
  • Automatic Pagination
    Large sections can now be automatically split into multiple pages. The number of products displayed on each page is controlled by you.
  • Enhanced Searching
    The search box now includes auto suggest, plus results can now be sorted by name, relevance and price.
  • Server Side API
    In the new version of SellerDeck they have added Ajax and an application programming interface (API) to make the consumer’s experience as smooth as possible for the new filtering pages. This API can now be used by SellerDeck Developers to access the underlying product data from server-side applications and web clients. 

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