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SellerDeck Web Design

Actinic has announced that is has changed the Actinic Desktop company name to SellerDeck for more information on this change please visit our blog or contact Bee Web Design via email for more information on SellerDeck Web Design

SellerDeck Responsive Web Design Service

I have been designing and building SellerDeck websites for over 6 years for a large variety of clients, we can create unique bespoke design to fit your business needs.

Our SellerDeck website designs are search engine friendly and coded using HTML/CSS to ensure fast download times.

  • Bespoke SellerDeck Website Design
  • Search Engine Friendly Design/Code
  • Built using HTML/CSS for fast loading
  • Responsive Website Design Service Available
  • Cross Browser Compliant
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Our unique bespoke SellerDeck web design process has been built to ensure the best results for your new ecommerce website, we work directly with you, the client to ensure that you get the right design for your ecommerce website.

Design Stage

Stage 1 of the project starts with the design concept, we create a bespoke design visual for your new ecommerce website based on your thoughts, market research and competitor analysis. Once the design has been created you are able to view the designs (for homepage, category page and product page) and give your feedback. We do not proceed to the next stage of the project until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Construction Stage

This stage of the project is when we build the approved design into the SellerDeck ecommerce platform, creating all the functionality/HTML CSS required to build a fully functional ecommerce website.

Content Integration

Apply Design to the client's snapshot, this ensures that the design is applied and works correctly with your products.

Ecommerce Functionality Testing

This ensures that all aspects of the sites functionality works as expected, such as ensuring that all the custom features work as expected and the buying functionality is working correctly.

Browser Testing

We test with the following browsers, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Project Support

We offer a 30 day project support package after the project has been signed off. This ensures that you have the peace of mind knowing that if you have any issues/questions your designer is on hand to help.

Costs & Timescales

Costs for bespoke SellerDeck web designs do vary depending on the complexity of functionality required, please get in touch for your free no obligation quote.

Timescales for bespoke SellerDeck web designs are normally around 6 weeks, however this is dependent upon client feedback being on time and excludes alterations.

To get in touch with us for a no obligation quote for your project, please fill in the contact form to the right of the page, or call us on 01667 305040