Ecommerce – A Simple Guide


When starting up your ecommerce website, it can be a daunting prospect, I have a complied a simple guide on important things to consider. It is not a complete list, but does highlight the essential. Choose your ecommerce platform Getting the right ecommerce platform is essential, get the wrong one it can turn into a disaster. Make ...

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Top 10 things to remember when you are designing your website

Here is a list of tips to remember when you are designing your website. 1. Design for your market not for yourself This is one thing a lot of people can have issues with, many times when designing a website you can fall into the trap of designing the website for yourself instead of who you want ...

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Bee Web Design – The Journey

Bee Web Design

The decision to start my own business was a hard one, leave my stable, happy job as a head website designer and start a new adventure. To say that it was exciting, daunting and even frightening was an understatement. In this article I would like to share the discoveries that I made along this uncertain ...

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