SellerDeck V12.0.2 out now!

SellerDeck have announced today the launch of SellerDeck V12.0.2 a long anticipated release. What's new in V12.0.2 Services Tab The services tab enables you to see what services SellerDeck have and how to get more information. It will help you submit support tickets to our UK support team, send files requested, and make it easy for support to remote ...

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SellerDeck 2013 Launched!

SellerDeck 2013

SellerDeck (formally Actinic) have launched their new version of the ecommerce software. This new release promises long awaited functionality that will have most developers/business owners screaming for delight. The new SellerDeck 2013 features include. Product Filtering Product filtering allows browsers to successively refine the displayed list of products using criteria you define. Helping them to match your products with ...

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What to check before putting your new SellerDeck website live

SellerDeck Web Design

Testing your SellerDeck Website Here is a list of some of the things that I check before even thinking of putting a new website live. Browser Testing Seriously important to check your website design in all major browsers, for example Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, Opera and Chrome. Personally I don't design for IE6 any ...

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More Top Tips On How To Design & Build in SellerDeck

SellerDeck Web Design

SellerDeck Web Design Even more of my tips/tricks on web design in SellerDeck. Some are quite straightforward but important nontheless Design your website before building in SellerDeck. I know its quite obvious, but I feel it is really important that you design your website in an image program such as Adobe Fireworks (my fav) or Photoshop, before even ...

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SellerDeck Web Design – My Top Tips On How To Design & Build In SellerDeck

Sellerdeck Web Design

My top tips on how to design & build in SellerDeck Don't use the Dreamweaver Extension In my humble opinion the HTML editor within the SellerDeck program is so fantastic it negates any need to use an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver. Another great plus is that in SellerDeck you can put your code snippets into layouts ...

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Actinic announces name change to SellerDeck

Sellerdeck Web Design

Exciting news in the world of ecommerce, Actinic has announced yesterday that it has changed the name of Actinic Desktop to SellerDeck. The Actinic brand name will now be solely associated with the Actinic Online shopping cart (in partnership with Oxatis). This is a significant change for the company and for its users, but Actinic have ...

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Great JavaScript/Jquery Learning Resources

Any website designer will know that having a scripting knowledge is incredibliy important when designing websites for your clients. Scripting languages such as JavaScript/Jquery/PHP to name but a few, can turn a functionally bland site into an exciting one. I don't profess to be a scripting guru, I still consistantly want to improve my skills and ...

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Actinic Version 11 – My Review


I have been using Actinic as a platform for developing ecommerce sites since version 7, and it has definitely come a long way since then. Actinic is a different platform to many of its competitors because its database is housed locally, whereas most other ecommerce platforms are housed online. This has perhaps hampered some of ...

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9 Fantastic Jquery Sliders

Web Design Resources

1. Nivo Slider 2. Easy Slider Jquery Plugin 3. Apple-like Gallery 4. Flux Slider - Hardware accelerated image transitions using CSS3. 5. Diapo Jquery Slider 6. Parallax Jquery Slider 7. Slicebox - A fresh 3D image slider with graceful fallback 8. AD Gallery - A highly customizable gallery/showcase plugin for jQuery. 9. Horinaja - a ready-to-use slide-show implementation

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10 Beautifully Designed Websites

Web Design Inspiration

Here is a small selection of some website designs that I think are gorgeous, I hope they inspire you too 1. Glitch 2. CupCake Ipsum 3. Jottify 4. Dara's Garden 5. Fork CMS 6. Fruute 7. Calypso 8. Cup Cup 9. MailChimp 10. Tracy Apps Design

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